Harmon is a full-service advertising agency. We’ll create sales campaigns for vendors and retailers alike. But unlike many advertising agencies, we are a full-service production agency. This means we have staff jewelry photographers, retouchers, layout designers, and account personnel to create print, broadcast, and electronic advertising pieces. We have a department specializing in electronic media. From creating websites to writing iPad apps, Harmon is on the cutting edge of technology.

The Diamond Buying Guide

Most of our catalogs are used for the Christmas season, but there are selling opportunities throughout the year and all should be maximized by each store. The twelve-month-a-year engagement ring business is the focus of our diamond guide. We’ve created a very impressive eight-page booklet (4.5″ x 6″) that provides information about the 4Cs for prospective buyers of diamonds. As always with Harmon, the “star” of the booklet is each store. We’ll display the store, the staff, rings of your choice of the brands you carry; in short, we’ll present the very things that make each store unique and successful. Prices depend upon quantity.

Mid-Year Pieces

The purchase of jewelry is similar to the process of buying most items: Most often, jewelry is purchased only when it is needed. A graduation, a birthday, an engagement, an anniversary, and Mother – s Day are some events that can drive a jewelry purchase. So, it’s important that your store’s name be in the forefront of your customer’s mind – not just at Christmas but year ’round. That is why we encourage our retailers to mail Harmon-produced pieces at other times of the year, too. And we are doing our best to make the offerings very affordable.

Certainly we can create a full-featured catalog, but you might prefer something more modest but still elegant and impactful. We can create event-specific pieces heralding a trunk show, a store’s anniversary, or the acquisition of a powerful new watch or jewelry line; the possibilities are literally endless.

Responsive Web and Mobile Sites

We’ve made our print catalogs electronically responsive for digital mediums. What does that mean – Your catalog will efficiently display on your customers’ smart phones. How – Increasingly younger customers customers view your site on a phone; he or she chooses “See Our Latest Offerings” and is able to search either by item type, or by price, or he searches by brand from your list of vendors (catalog pages). From your brands, perhaps he selects “Simon G – Bridal.” A single item appears along with a description and price. Like the piece and want to send it to your significant other – Press the “share” button and off it goes. It’s a powerful and effective script we’ve written for your Harmon catalog–and it promises to reach the Millennial, a group who is more difficult to reach by traditional methods.



We have been renowned for bringing to life jewelry on the printed (and now electronically displayed) page. We have on-staff photographers who specialize in shooting jewelry and watches. For decades we’ve been preparing, lighting, photographing, and retouching jewelry. And you can rest assured that we are fully-insured and offer four T-45 safes for jewelry storage.


Increasingly, firms are capturing images of their jewelry and watches. We offer retouching services. We might photograph and retouch more jewelry than any other firm in the country. Send us your raw captures, and we’ll return to you color-corrected, silhouetted, and retouched images that will represent your product as well as possible.