Storeowners might want to comply with requirements of some powerful brands that require their advertisements appear only in traditional magazines; no product pages would be allowed. Other storeowners wish to use a magazine format piece that also contains catalog pages. This is a hybrid “magazine/catalog” or “magalog.” We’ll create the magazine that will work for each store.

Magazine – Editorial and Advertisements

This magazine has the look of a traditional magazine. Notice there are no pages of product. The magazine features many articles and designer and watch brands’ consumer advertisements. We have many articles we’ve written, and our writers are ready to put together articles of interest to your local readers.

Magazine and Product Pages Hybrid

This hybrid combines features of a magazine and features of a catalog. Notice there are articles of general and local interest, consumer ads, Harmon product pages, and custom pages unique to the fictitious store, Kenneth Charles Jewelers.

Editorial Articles

The catalogs we produce are representatives of your store. Of course you’ll want many of your pages to represent the contents of your showcases, but with the magazine format you are free to incorporate pages of articles of local interest and general interest. We believe a spread about your store or town might well add to the catalog’s “coffee-table life.” We have superb copywriters who can write such pages. One such article would be of interest to those who live in or visit New York City and another article is a wonderful description of a River Cruise through Europe from a passenger’s perspective.

Single Page Editorial Articles

Designer Spotlight Articles