About the Program

Everything we do at Harmon is done with two premises in mind: No one knows your store and customer better than you, and for a jeweler image is extremely important. With the Harmon Catalog, you select the pages that will appeal to your customer. You select the cover that will convey the message you want delivered. You present to your customer a beautiful and elegant catalog that is second to none. Your store’s image is bolstered; your customers are effectively solicited. Simply put, the Harmon program allows you to create a superb, custom catalog with a minimum of bother at an extremely economical cost.

How to Participate

It’s remarkably simple. 

  1. Call Us The process begins with a call to 615-256-3393.
  2. Registration Form Download the Reservation Form (it’s one of the sign-up forms), and fax or email it to us; then mail it along with your deposit.
  3. Choose either a Catalog or a Magazine
  4. Select Your Vendor Pages Please peruse the lists of vendor pages. You are not limited to using 2024 vendor pages. (If a previous year’s vendor page is used, a fee to update the background and make current its prices may be incurred.)

    Important: Not all vendor pages are listed. Please call us to ascertain the availability of any vendor you do not see.

  5. Do You Need Custom Pages – Many retailers require one or many custom pages. These pages can display estate jewelry, an in-house designer’s jewelry, a vendor not included in our lists, etc. Send in your product for us to photograph. Of course, we can also create pages from provided digital files. These incur an additional charge.

    NOTE: If we can produce custom pages before August 5th, the per-page production cost is reduced by 30%. We encourage all retailers to take advantage of this new policy.

  6. Select Your Cover Design Select any cover from any year’s list of covers. If you prefer, we can create a custom cover of your design.
  7. Download All Forms Download the retailer sign-up forms (order form and cover forms); fill them out in their entirety. You may submit them online, or you may mail or fax them to our office. While we can put together a catalog or magazine even if we’re contacted as late as mid-October, in most cases the deadline for participation is September 12th. Beginning and completing the process as soon as possible is greatly encouraged.
  8. Approve Your Digital Proof Harmon will send you a digital proof of your entire catalog for your approval. When the catalog is approved, we will be ready to go to press.
  9. Notify Us of Your Intended Delivery Date Unless an earlier (or later) date has been requested, catalogs will be completed by November 6th and will be ready to be shipped to a location you designate or delivered to our mailing facility. Final payment is due at this time.
  10. Mailing Services We handle the mailing for most of our retailers’ catalogs. This can include list rental and searches. For example, you might ask us to provide a search to determine the number of households meeting your search criteria in a specified territory. There is no cost for a search, and its results can help determine the print quantity.